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"From beginning to end the experience was great."


"I walked out in about 20 minutes with cash"

Best Price

"They offered me a great wholesale price, which by the way was $1800 more than Carmax."

The experience I had concerning the sale of my 2015 Corvette to YOURCARSOLDTODAY was exceptional. The professional treatment I received from beginning to end was a breath of fresh air. I received the money quickly with no issues and would refer anyone that needs to sell their vehicle to YCST, and Mint Motors.


Jane D.

Sales Executive

Fort Myers, FL


I needed to sell my 2013 Dodge Ram quickly and I found Mint Motors through a friend. I drove to Carmax first, and they gave me an offer of $23000.  After I filled out the convenient offer form at YOURCARSOLDTODAY.COM. A representative named Jarett came to my house. From beginning to end the experience was great. They offered me a great wholesale price, which by the way was $1800 more than Carmax. They also paid off my loan and I received a separate certified check for the difference. They even offered to take me to the bank so I could cash it, and gave me a ride home.  The fact that Mint Motors is a wholesale buying center, gave me ease of mind that they weren’t going to try and sell me another vehicle. The entire process took less than an hour. I have referred a few people to sell their car and I will continue to do so. Thanks for the no hassle experience


Jonathan S.


Cape Coral, FL


I tried selling my 2006 Acura Integra on Craigslist after two weeks of scheduling appointments and no shows and people that were a bit creepy to offers on my vehicle “going to bank, I’ll be right back” and never seeing them again. I was fed up. I received a call from a certified appraiser from Mint Motors about purchasing my car. I was a bit leery but went ahead and met with him. There employee was a straight shooter, he told me what he was willing to pay, we went down to the office, had the car checked by an onsite mechanic and I walked out in about 20 minutes with cash on the price agreed upon. When I am in the market to sell another vehicle I will call them, I am not going through the hassle of trying to sell a car myself again.


Lauren C


Port Charlotte, FL




Due to the unexpected death of my brother, I had many issues to deal with concerning my brothers’ estate. Needless to say my emotional state was not helping matters. One major problem was my brothers’ vehicle was still in his name. This resulted in many problems when trying to settle the estate that I was not equipped or able to deal with at that time. Through a mutual friend I was introduced to They were understanding of my problem and were extremely helpful in dealing with all the legal issues, and believe me I still don’t understand it all.  After making sure all necessary documentation was taken care I received the money immediately and was able to take care of the rest of my brothers estate without having to worry about the vehicle anymore.


Vicki S.

Police Officer

Lehigh Acres, FL


Due to the closing of my construction company I had a fleet of 18 cargo vans and trucks that I needed liquidated. I was referred to, by a friend that had recently sold their motorcycle to them. They were able to give me a great price. I may have received a little more if I sold each individually, but the amount of time that would have taken would have been insane. In one quick transaction all my vehicles were liquidated and I could get on with more pressing matters. I will definitely do business with them in the future whether for personal or business reasons.


Frank J.

Business Owner

Cape Coral, FL



I was recently in a position where I found myself unemployed. During this hard economic time I became late on my 2009 BMW 7 series and to avoid an adverse effect on my credit, I needed to sell it, but I still had a payoff and that was my concern in selling my vehicle, time being of the essence I needed the best possible price and someone that would not have an issue with a payoff. After several weeks of trying to sale my BMW myself, I was being offered extremely low prices by everyone, but even when I was willing to take such a small amount the buyer was not willing to do what was required to pay off the lien. I happened across Mark, a certified appraiser, at Thankfully he had no problem with the payoff and the transaction was seamless. Today I have been reemployed and things are going great, and due to the quickness of the transaction with my car I was able to avoid any damage to my credit. I would refer anyone needing a quick, stress-free experience in selling their vehicle to contact


Hayden F.

VP of Personal Banking

Naples, FL

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